Homful/Hitorhike for Nordic walking sticks camping hiking Ultralight Adjustable Telescopic Alpenstock Trekking Poles climbing

Production Description
Name: 7075 aluminum quick-lock trekking poles
Material: 7075 Aviation Aluminum Alloy
Adjustable Length: 65cm~135cm
Storage size (disassembled): 56cm
Net weight:  300g/piece
Colour: Mint Green
*1. Easy Quick Lock Mechanism
Before using your poles, make sure that your locks are firmly secured. While the tip is on the ground, test to ensure the lock is secure by pushing on the top of the handle . If your pole shortens while doing this then you need to readjust the height and tighten the lock more.
Step 1. Open Tab and Adjust
Fully open the quick lock tab and adjust to desired height.
Step 2. Tighten Thumbscrew
Tighten Thumbscrew by turning it 1/4" to 1/2" turns clockwise.
Step 3. Close Quick Lock Tab
Quick Lock Tab should be difficult to close when properly tightened.
Step 4. Test and Readjust
Apply weight to the pole. If pole begins to collapse, repeat steps 1-3 until it remains at desired height.
*2. Comfortable handle & Reliable material

Handle:Molds to the shape of your hand

Material:Aircraft-grade aluminum

which makes our trekking poles durable, robust, and ready for any adventure.

*3. Complete accessories&Can go anywhere
Enhance your tungsten carbide tips with 4 sets of additional tips. (In addition, a pair of tungsten steel rod tips of the same style are also presented)
Can meet the needs of use on different grounds.Hard ground, mud, snow, ordinary ground, etc.
  • Boot Tips: Serve the same purpose as Rubber Tips with the added benefit of extra cushioning and propulsion on hard surfaces when Nordic walking.

  • Mud Baskets: When hiking in mud, sand or other soft surfaces, Mud Baskets allow the hiker to use trekking poles without the pole slipping into the soft ground. This provides leverage and saves energy during wet and sandy hikes.

  • Snow Baskets: When temperatures get chilly, prevent trekking poles from sinking into the snow

  • Rubber Tips: Perfect for indoor use and on hard or slippery surfaces. Some environmentally sensitive sites (such as Machu Picchu) require Rubber Tips in order to protect delicate terrain.

Why choose us
  • Excellent material:Aircraft-grade aluminum

  • Stronge:Tougher than carbon fiber

  • light:Only 300g/piece

  • Quick Locks:Lengthen&Shorten in seconds

Height & Use Height Reference Table

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