Rosemary Hair Growth Serum Anti Hair Loss Products Fast Regrowth Essential Oil Repair Scalp Frizzy Thinning Damaged Hair Care



*1. Net content: 30ml

*2. Gross weight: 55g

*3. Size: 10.5*3*3cm


*1. The essential oil will penetrate into the hair root to smooth the hair and improve hair loss. 

*2. Prevent hair loss, promote the hair growth, and increase the luster of hair. 

*3. It can help the hair follicles to eliminate waste toxins, and improve the scalp environment. 

*4. Moisten and smooth frizzy hair, provide deep nutrition for hair, control oil secretion, keep scalp healthy, improve hair luster, moisturize dry hair and reduce hair loss, frizz, hair loss and breakage.

Package Includes:

1x Hair Serum