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YOUNGCOME Essential Oil

100% brand new and high quality! Soothing emotions, refreshing the air, and making the mood more pleasant.

Product Efficacy:

1. Most plant essential oils are medicinal plants and have curative effects, which can help the body achieve balance and improve self-healing ability.

2. Essential oils can promote the formation of endorphins, have an impact on the nervous system, improve people's thinking patterns, emotional state and relieve stress.

3. Fresh air can form a more comfortable environment and remove peculiar smell.

Product type:Essential Oil
Net content:5ml/10ml
Skin Types: Suitable for all skin types


1. The incense method is to drop essential oils onto the diffuser to spread the fragrance of the essential oils to every corner.

2. The bathing method is to drop the aromatherapy essential oil in the bath water that is slightly higher than the body temperature and let the body soak.

3. The skin care method is to add essential oils to the commonly used plant-based skin care products, because the essential oil molecules are extremely small and can quickly penetrate into the epidermal layer and enter the body circulation.

1.Use three to five drops at a time.
2.Can't be used for body, don't touch skin.
3.Please keep away from light to avoid direct sunlight.

Package included:
1 x Essential Oil