360 Automatic Rotating Sprinkler Irrigation Garden Lawn Courtyard Household Garden Water Adjustable Sprinkler Irrigate Tools


Sprinkler Lawn will be what you should have!
Multipurpose: Lawn Irrigation, Garden Irrigation, Garden Irrigation, Agricultural Field Irrigation, Square Cooling. The versatile grass sprinkler can even be used as a fun sprinkler to keep kids playing and soothing on hot, sunny days. It's an economical alternative to going to the water park that your kids will love!
Different Spray Modes: Sprinkler Garden Water Sprinkler has adjustable nozzles allows you to alternate different types of spray mode to meet your different water spray needs. The angle of rotation of the arms can be adjusted from 45 to 90 degrees to control the speed and direction of the spray, take better care of each piece of soil moisture that provides uniform coverage.
Wide coverage: NiceFit garden irrigation heads range up to 26 ft-32.8 ft with international standard pipes and water pressure (80 psi). Do you want a tool to help you give your plants a drink and you may have more time to do something else? The Sprinkler Lawn can water your lawn, plants, flowers, vegetables, and more. The water sprinkler can be rotated 360 degrees to make sprays, the way it spins, it gets more lawns a lot better.
Please remember to tighten the sprinkler head before hooking the sprinkler up there or the head may explode.
Distance spraying water by spraying and spraying area, depending on water pressure.

Material: ABS
Size: 17 * 17 * 23.5 cm

Package Content
1PC Lawn Sprinkler