Christmas Handmade Fragrance Candle Light


Product information:

Article number: HT9847
Material: soy wax
Craft: Manual
Type of candle: Scented candle
Shape: Cylindrical
Size: White freesia, Pink Midnight Jasmine, Light pink English Garden, sea salt ocean, purple lavender, yellow Japanese persimmon, light gray Snow Mountain, Orange magnolia, bright orange silk, green Eternal Summer, ink blue like water flower, rose rouge berry, rose rose tea, Tiled red white tea and beauty, dark coffee Black Forest, Mocha black grass scent, light gray sweet olive flower, coffee coffee, fragrant purple woody aroma, dark gray Nepentiac milkwood, haze blue Moroccan amber, peacock blue boisbepiagemod, violet bluebellrin, coffee black pepper

Packing list:
1* Aroma therapy