Garden Balcony Automatic Watering Device Timing Intelligent Drip Irrigation Controller


Product information:

Type: Bistable Solenoid Valve
A: Single outlet solar rain sensor timer
B: Dual outlet solar rain timer
C: Single outlet timer + 10 sets of arrows, For potted plants
D: single outlet timer + 20 groups of drop arrows
E: Dual outlet timer + 30 groups of drop arrows
F: Timer + 5 sets of hanging hoisting nozzles ,Atomization and cooling
G: Timer + 10 sets of hanging hoisting nozzles
H: Timer + 15 sets of hanging hoisting sprinklers

Automatic irrigation and watering application scenarios
Home gardening, agricultural production, public green space, garden gardening production automation, easy installation and operation, can irrigate a variety of plants at the same time


Packing list:
Timer*1/As shown below